Hello, My name is Mittzi but call me Akita, I'm from Chile. I like Anime, Vocaloid and oriental culture. Welcome to my tumblr :3

Leo un libro aburridisimo :C ~

hitsuyo said: !! noooo, eres de chile? chócale c:

Si! :3333 genial chocale *-* ~ compatriotas en tumblr >.> <3 !!!!

Anonymous: Tengo la impresión de que te conozco pero no sé :ccc

¿En dónde vives tu annon? o:! ¿Y cómo la impresión? xD


Sorry for the long post!
I wanted to practice drawing cute poses and I love Gou and I’m sure everyone from Free would love to give her a kiss, too so there you go :>


more pokeddex

THIS IS SO STRESSFUL!!!!!!! sometimes i cannot pick a fav so i just do what i want to draw the most


By meola

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


Im so stoked my wife is getting a second season :)

{ forever we are friends }
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Anonymous: De que parte de chile eres *-*?

De la región de Tarapaca. :3



I tried to draw Yukine…

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